Lakeland Loop (Off-road) - 150 miles (April 2003)

by Pete (& Gary for day 1 again!)

Lakeland Loop, Tim Woodcock (

The 8 starters, but how many would be left at the end?

Day 1 (Fri 19/04/03 ) Patterdale to Buttermere

Warm and sunny. Looked like the best day, so Pete and Guy opt for a full day on the hills, with a push up High Street, traverse of Ullswater's south bank, the Coach Road past Clough Head to Threkeld, round the back of Skiddaw, the west banks of Bassenthwait and Derwent Water, before a final thrash past Watendlath and up to the YHA at the
top of Honnister. The rest of the party did likewise minus the High Street bit. Gary, remarkably, managed the entire day riding one-handed, but the strain on his damaged shoulder (he had been advised to do a maximum of 1/2 hour by his physio) limited his further participation.

Photo 1: Day 1: Preparations

Photo 2: Day 1: Climbing High Street

Photo 3: Day 1: High Street

Photo 4: Day 1: HighStreet Ridge

Photo 5: Day 1: End of High Street

Photo 6: Day 1:

Photo 7: Day 1: Skiddaw

Photo 8: Day 1: Back of Skiddaw

Photo 9: Day 1:Bassenthwaite

Photo 10: Day 1: Wotendlath descent

Photo 11: Day 1: Wotendlath descent

Day 2 (Sat 20/04/03 ) Buttermere to Coniston

Another long day planned (we were attempting a 6-day route in 3), but an early indiscretion on Honnister Pass by Gary's friend Richard saw half of the group travelling to Carlisle by ambulance/car after he had roughly assaulted a drystone wall at 40 mph whilst trying to pass Guy (he broke both lower forearm bones, plus some other nastiness at elbow joint. An operation the next day pinned/screwed/wired it back together then the wound sealed with 27 staples).




The remainder (Pete, Guy, Brian and Martine) taking a short-cut over Sty Head to Wasdale, then Eskdale, a big push up Harter Fell  (south end of the remote Berker Moor) to Ulpha Bridge in the Duddon Valley on a so called "bridle way" which in reality was a sheep trail through the long grass and gorse that promptly petered out to leave you stranded in the middle having to take a compass bearings to try and find the right way out. Then, finally, over to Coniston on the new, improved, Walna Scar Road.

Photo 1: Day 2: Sty Head

Photo 2: Day 2:Wasdale
Photo 3: Day 2: Birker Fell

Photo 4: Day 2: Birker Fell Summit

Photo 5: Day 2: Stephensons Ground?
Photo 6: Day 2: Very focussed

Photo 7: Day 2: Very focussed

Photo 8: Day 2: In trouble

Photo 9: Day 2: Still in trouble

Photo 10: Day 2: At top!

Day 3 (Sun 21/04/03 ) Coniston to Patterdale

A short day through Grizedale Forest and then up onto High Street and long steep descent to finish and meet up with walkers Murray and Jinny, and shoppers Gary and Carrie.

Photo 1: Day 3:Coppermines YHA

Photo 2: Day 3: Ferry

Photo 3: Day 3: Garburns

Photo 4: Day 3: Up High Street

Photo 5: Day 3: High Street

Photo 6: Day 3: Ridge up High Street

Photo 7: Day 3: High Street Summit


Guy: Yes a delightfully masochistic route!!  


Mountain Bikes Used

Gary: Specialized, 2002 Stumpjumper M4 Disc 19" (27 sp.)
Pete: Specialized, 2001 Stumpjumper M4 18" (27 sp.)
Guy: Specialized Enduro
Brian: Cannondale F4000SL
Martine:  Kneisiss Maxlight
Carrie: Specialized, 2002 Stumpjumper M4 Disc 15" (27 sp.)
Richard: Specialized, 2002 Rockhopper Disc 19" (27 sp.)
Megan: Specialized, 2002 Rockhopper Disc 15" (27 sp.)


Patterdale Day 1:    Friday 18th April 2003
Beetham Cottage, Hartsop, Patterdale, CA11 0NZ Grid reference   NY405129 (FRCC Members only)

Buttermere Day 2:   Saturday 19th April 2003
Honister How YHA, Seatoller, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 5XN
Phone: 0870 770 6113 Outside UK (+44) 1629 592708 Fax: 01629 592627

Patterdale Day 3:    Sunday 20th April 2003
Coniston Coppermines, Coniston, Cumbria LA21 8HP, 0870 770 6113

Patterdale Day 4:    Sunday 6th April 2003
Beetham Cottage, Hartsop, Patterdale, CA11 0NZ Grid reference   NY405129 (FRCC Members only)


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