Merida 100Km Ruthin, Event 5 (Sunday 19 September 2004)

The final round of the Merida 100km rides was at Ruthin. Sunday dawned wet with showers, but the weather appeared to clear by the minute. In the end the 80km ride was completed in a clear/bright day.
carrieRuthin.jpg gary579ruthin.jpg michRuthin.jpg
Carrie, Gary & Michele (photos from

I did manage a couple of km detour down a hill, which was a bit of a pain, but otherwise a good ride, no mechanicals.

Carrie and Michele received on the spot prizes - arm warmers (finishing 4th out of 10 and 19th out of 31 respectively for their classes). I finished just over 5 hours after starting, which meant I came in 11th out of the 98 veteran men taking part - not that its a race of course!